Procurement Intelligence
focused on retail stores

LGS delivers insights into different categories and markets letting the clients to do effective decisions during purchasing orders. We are focused in developing trustworthy and long-term relationships with suppliers that are able to manufacture products according to our client’s needs.

Secure investment

We ensure all the suppliers we work and add to our database are certified and secure.

Certified Suppliers

We suggest the 3 most suitable suppliers after analyzing more than 50 companies.

OEM Service

We develop projects with any type of customization under NDA agreements to protect your interests.

About the Process

Our team has multiple years of sourcing expertise. We believe this is the core step in manufacturing in China, India or Southeast Asia and is often overlooked.

We have a database of more than 2,000 certified suppliers, which whom we have work with in the past. Nevertheless, we are constantly enlarging and updating that database by visiting suppliers, assisting to trade fairs and conferences and keeping up with latest trends in the industry.


Bulb light

1. Understanding

We process all the information provided by the client in order to set keystones of the project and select the best path for the client.

3. Negotiation and PO

We will negotiate terms of payment, price, warranties and penalties to protect your company's interests and providing you with benefits.

5. Shipment

Our logistics team will help you to handle a loading inspection and arranging booking with the appointed forwarder.

2. Finding supplier

We just work with certified suppliers for each industry that will help us giving you a list with the best suppliers that can support your project.

4. Quality inspection

Depending on the project we will arrange our QC department to do a quality inspection in different stages of the production minimizing the risks.

6. After sales service

The results on each step of your supply chain is our success. We will take care of the international commerce so you expand your company.


Most frequent questions and answers

We can source any kind of product the client requires. But first we need to understand your business in order to providing you a good consultation.

From the first meeting for you to get a complete PO it will takeless than two months as we need to source the right supplier, sampling, factory audit and negotiations.

We do not prioritize suppliers or business type. For us the most important is to optimize your supply chain and help you reducing risks of manufacturing in another company. 

We do not resell the products, we will provide suppliers’ prices and a supportive service from our team. 99% of our clients are getting benefited with their suppliers in China. 

We had helped more than 300 clients, 50 different industries and export to 15 countries.

We do from commodities to customized products so we have the experience to work with NDA agreements to protect your IP. 

Our clients

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