Quality Assurance

With more than 180 qualified inspectors, in different industries, we guarantee that our client’s manufacturing needs are being met. Ensuring that the quality, certifications and specifications of the production and suppliers’ facilities are up to our client’s standards.

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Quality Control

Our inspectors are experts on each field and handle inspections based on worldwide standards. Providing us with elements to accept or dismiss an order.

Investment control

With our services we will provide you with the right information to analyze your purchases in Asia, analyzing milestones in your supply chain.

Mitigating Risk

As a quality assurance services we protect your investment, looking for your interests and give you the right conditions to protect your investment.

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Real Time Work

We visit, negotiate and manage productions as locals from our offices in China, being able to modify, fix or stop a production, saving time and money.

Choose the perfect INSPECTION

Depending on the stage of your production our consultants will walk you through the right decision of which inspection is workable for your project.



With this service we will provide you with essential information of whom is going to be your partner in Asia before you do any money transaction avoiding the fraud risk. 



 A report with quantitative and qualitative information is handed with productions insights to protect your interests before the shipment is paid and loaded into the container.


Loading Inspection

A detailed report based on commercial documents showing the loading information to prepare custom clearance in advance and protecting the investment at origin.

Our clients say

"With the inspections of LGS Trading we have been able to minimize the risk in every order we buy for our brand to protect our investment"
Antonio Guerrero
COO- Fashion industry, México
"We are saving time to import the goods to Mexico as we do loading inspection at origin, making custom clearance process to become easier"
Luis Ortiz
Owner- Textile industry, México
"We started our company 3 years ago together with LGS Trading as our risk and mitigation consultant for inspections, now we are becoming stronger"
Purchase manager- Construction industry, Colombia
"With the information provided in their reports we are able to take actions in case there is a problem with the mass production from China"
OWNER- Fashion industry, Sweden


Most frequent questions and answers

We can source any kind of product the client requires. But first we need to understand your business in order to providing you a good consultation.

From the first meeting for you to get a complete PO it will takeless than two months as we need to source the right supplier, sampling, factory audit and negotiations.

We do not prioritize suppliers or business type. For us the most important is to optimize your supply chain and help you reducing risks of manufacturing in another company. 

We do not resell the products, we will provide suppliers’ prices and a supportive service from our team. 99% of our clients are getting benefited with their suppliers in China. 

We had helped more than 300 clients, 50 different industries and export to 15 countries.

We do from commodities to customized products so we have the experience to work with NDA agreements to protect your IP.