Logistics and incoterms

What are the INCOTERMS?

Logistics is one of the most important thing to take care of while doing business in China. Incoterms have been helping the international commerce to avoid risks and distribute the responsibilities between purchasers and sellers. In this case Asia works with FOB, CIF or DAP, depending the needs of the clients is what we choose for them. In the following charts you will be able to see the risks existing between all the purchasing terms.

a table explaining incoterms

We do recommend to hire a local freight forwarder as we can get the following benefits: 

  • Better cost control. 
  • Credit and local customs service.
  • Validity of documents. 

Thanks to our worldwide partnerships we work with the leaders in the freight forwarding industry in Latin America, USA and Europe.  

Working with us will give you the benefits that the documentation to import is going to be ready for importing the good in your country, also we will work together with the forwarder and custom broker in order to minimize the time in customs saving extra costs, time and making your business more profitable.