Buying office
focused on retail stores

A service made for clients with specific quality and production needs. With this model the client will obtain a dedicated team oriented to retail products. Essentially, we will function as a purchase department for the client’s company in China.

With this service the customer will have complete transparency of their supply chain, starting from sourcing until the delivery of their product. Furthermore, they will be able to see the cost breakdown of their final product and have more information to take better decisions. 

“We have achieved a 24 hour supply management system”

 CEO of an electronic company in Mexico


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Best Suppliers

We have a relation with more than 2, 178 certified suppliers focused on different products that can provide us industry's trends

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Mitigating Risk

Let us handle your orders in China and Asia, from sourcing to loading inspections. Your investment is 100% secure with us.

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Your team will be conformed by profesional purchasers in China that will provide you with real insights of the industry and help you to get benefits every transaction.

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Real Time Work

We visit, negotiate and manage productions as locals from our offices in China, being able to modify, fix or stop a production, saving time and money.

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Decreasing Costs

100% of our clients found a better price after our professional sourcing team in China negotiations.


We only work with certified suppliers with at least 3 international certifications and production capabilities to ensure the scalability of your company.

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Warranty and Penalties

As part of your company, we will be always looking to ensure delivery dates and quality of your products in order to create a just in time supply chain.

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Document Assessment

As part of our service we will provide you certifications, certificates of origin, TDS, Commercial invoice and Packing list, to facilitate import process at destination.


Most frequent questions and answers

We can source any kind of product the client requires. But first we need to understand your business in order to providing you a good consultation.

From the first meeting for you to get a complete PO it will takeless than two months as we need to source the right supplier, sampling, factory audit and negotiations.

We do not prioritize suppliers or business type. For us the most important is to optimize your supply chain and help you reducing risks of manufacturing in another company. 

We do not resell the products, we will provide suppliers’ prices and a supportive service from our team. 99% of our clients are getting benefited with their suppliers in China. 

We had helped more than 300 clients, 50 different industries and export to 15 countries.

We do from commodities to customized products so we have the experience to work with NDA agreements to protect your IP.