About Us

Our Journey

When co-founders Diego Ocampo and Eduardo Sojo were studying at Fudan University in Shanghai they experienced a challenge. Whenever they would discuss about doing business with China with people back home, there was a lot of skepticism. They noticed there were a lot of misconceptions that existed about China abroad. It seemed like a lot of companies wanted to start doing business with Chinese manufacturers but were afraid to. They saw there was an opportunity to be seized. They wanted star a company that could be the bridge between Chinese manufacturers and foreign companies.

When they went back to China to start the company, they had to do everything by themselves. The first step was to personally visit many factories that could manufacture for their clients back home. In China there is a very important term that is vital for the success of any business, which is “Guanxi” (关系). It refers to the network of relationships and influence. By building their “Guanxi” of business connections and suppliers in China they have managed to build a very influential network of factories.

Many years later they are still passionate about growing their network and creating different tools and services that can help build a bridge between companies and Chinese manufacturers.  


Diego Ocampo Torres man in blue suit and white shirt smiling

Diego Ocampo

COO and co-founder

Eduardo Sojo Santos person in white shirt and and blue suit.

Eduardo Sojo

CEO and co-founder